Bond’s Best – Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera

There’s a lot to like about Leica’s new slim-line digital camera. For starters, it wouldn’t look out of place in any contemporary design museum – such is the beauty of its sleek German aesthetic. The chrome finish in a choice of black or silver is further proof of that.

Then there’s the speed factor. The M10 is the fastest M-Camera that Leica has ever produced. Priced at £5,600, body only without the lens, you would expect nothing less. Its generous 2GB buffer memory, and continuous shooting at up to five frames per second along with a next-generation processor, make fast work of any fleeting moment.

So, put down your mobile phone, tablet and any other second-rate photo-taking device. Once you hold the M10 to your eye and remind yourself how good it feels to look down a lens and hear the gentle ‘click’ of the shutter, you won’t look back.

Leica, 27 Bruton Place